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Invasive plant management

Brush cutting and clearing

Native landscape planning
Native plant material

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Site assessment

We conduct a site assessment to evaluate what will be needed to address your project goals. We focus on identifying existing plant communities and landscape features, invasive species, and any other landscape problems or issues that need to be addressed.

Site Planning

We create a site plan to address necessary removals, site work, and plant installation to achieve project goals. This includes phasing and a timeline for work as well as project cost estimates.

Invasive Plant Removal

After identifying invasive plant species on your property, we recommend invasive removal methods and implement a removal plan to eradicate or control invasives of concern.

Brush Cutting and Clearing

We cut and clear brush in a variety of landscape settings: field/forest/wetland. We select the best tools to reduce disturbance as much as possible based on the landscape setting.

Plant Selection and Design

We can recommend native plant material appropriate given site conditions and restoration or landscape project goals. 

Native Plant Material

We can grown and source native plants, focusing on regionally collected plant species. 

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We are a family owned and operated business located in the Taconic foothills in Columbia County, New York. We provide site assessment, landscape planning, invasives control/removal services, brush cutting and clearing services, and can help with native plant selection, design, and planting.

Josh Rudder has over ten years of experience in invasives control and management, with the National Park Service, the New York City Parks Department, and private landscape construction/restoration companies. Josh has developed expertise in identifying invasives, devising eradication and management plans, and in conducting removals using a variety of means. Josh is experienced in safely and effectively using herbicides, and has a strong knowledge of mechanical removal techniques as well. Josh is also a native plant enthusiast and enjoys collecting seed from and propagating species from the upper Eastern Hudson Valley region.

Emily Powers (consultant) trained as a landscape architect and worked in private practice and for the New York City Parks Department. A native plant lover, Emily assists Josh in collecting seed and propagating native plant species from the Taconic/Berkshire region.

Website is under construction



Website is under construction




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